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تالار تخصصی حسابداری در تلگرام

گروه تالار تخصصی حسابداری در تلگرام فعال است و همکاران در محیطی صمیمانه و تخصصی در کنار هم هستند

می توانید در قسمت جستجوی تلگرام
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telegram_128-min - Balance Sheet  - متا

این گروه جهت تبادل نظر و انتقال تجربه در بین همکاران حسابدار ایجاد شده است.

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normal_post - Balance Sheet  - متا نویسنده موضوع: Balance Sheet  (دفعات بازدید: 1801 بار)

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xx - Balance Sheet  - متا
Balance Sheet
« : ۳ آذر ۱۳۹۰ - ۰۰:۴۲:۲۶ »

متن ساده ذیل در رابطه با ترازنامه است. امیدوارم مطالعه کنید و نظرتون رو بیان کنید. چون واقعا" بخش زبان تخصصی سوت و کوره!!!!!!!


Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet reflects the same principle, i.e. one side of the Balance Sheet represents Assets and the other side - Liabilities and Equity. The must be a balance between the total value of the Assets and the total value of Liabilities and Equity.

Assets are properties (can be material, immaterial, monetary) owned by the entity, i.e. any physical thing (tangible) or right (intangible) that has a monetary value. Assets usually are divided into Current Assets (cash and other assets that may reasonably be expected to realized in cash or sold or used within period less or equal to one year. Examples: inventory, cash, accounts receivable, prepaid expenses) and Long-term Assets (used by the entity for a period longer that one year. Examples: long-term investments, fixed assets, intangible long-term assets).

Liabilities are debts owned to outsiders, i.e. creditors. Divided into Current Liabilities, which are due within one year (accounts payable, salaries payable, taxes payable, interest payable) and Long-term Liabilities which are due after one year

Equity includes amounts invested in a business by owners, special kind of liability residual claim against assets of business after total liabilities are deducted. Includes Share Capital (financial means invested by the shareholders), Retained Earnings – net income retained in the business.

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